Vehicle Inspection

Doors and windows There’s no surer way of quickly gauging a car’s build quality than by checking the way its doors clunk shut. The windows also should receive a check-over, and that’s reassuring to know when electric windows and central door locking play such an important part in a car’s overall security. If there are any damages to the windows it is necessary that you get them fixed urgently. Driving with a broken Windscreen or window is illegal and you […]

The Freedom of the Open Road

Motorhome Hire Freedom! The call of the open road is hard to resist – the answer? Motorhome hire. Motorhome Hire It’s big with the retirees looking to spend the silver pound – and can you blame them? Motorhome hire lets you hitch up and head for the open road. The reason motorhome hire is such an attractive option is it can suit your whims – if you love a place, you can stay as long as you want. Hate it […]