The Freedom of the Open Road

Motorhome Hire

Freedom! The call of the open road is hard to resist – the answer? Motorhome hire.

Motorhome Hire

It’s big with the retirees looking to spend the silver pound – and can you blame them? Motorhome hire lets you hitch up and head for the open road. The reason motorhome hire is such an attractive option is it can suit your whims – if you love a place, you can stay as long as you want. Hate it – move on to the next place. And with today’s motorhomes, you can do it in comfort and style.

The appeal of Motorhome Hire

Caravanning is the most popular type of paid-for holiday in the UK, and it’s becoming more and more popular with those who want to explore Europe too. Now there is an annual Caravan and Motorhome Show that attracts thousands of people dreaming of buying their own vehicle. But not everybody can afford the price tag. Motorhome hire is an attractive alternative if you just want a one-off holiday. It’s attractive for those who are heading off to the summer festivals, or going down to Cornwall to enjoy the surf for a few weeks and at the other end, for those who just want to leisurely explore the countryside. That’s the appeal of motor-home hire – the flexibility to suit your needs and desires.

The Open Road

And if you’re stuck in a stuffy office, than why not dream of hiring a motorhome, hitting the open road and enjoying lazy summer days? If you thought motorhomes were all about uncomfortable angles and beds miraculously put together with the help of a tea tray and sofa cushion, think again. Motorhomes are stylish, comfortable and spacious. For many motorhome hire gives them the independence of a second home from home on wheels – the ultimate expression of freedom, without having to compromise on comfort.

Join the Club

According to the Caravan Club, the number of caravanners in the UK is the same population as Botswana – 1.6 million. Never before has buying and hiring motorhomes been so popular. Other statistics include:

• There is a caravan site every 30 square miles across the British Isles
• The caravan and motorhome world has been ‘sexed up’ with more compact designs and celebrity fans.
• The trend in motorhome hire and buying caravans means it is now a £3 billion industry.
• 1.6 million Brits and Aussie will take a caravan holiday this year – either using their own vehicle or going through motorhome hire companies.

Explore Motorhomes have a camper van and motorhome hire packages to suit your specification and needs. They have established among the grey nomads as the motorhome of choice if you’re an off-road traveler who wants to see the most of Australia. For more information see this gallery for all of the latest models where you will find a range of motorhomes.

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