Vehicle Inspection

Doors and windows

There’s no surer way of quickly gauging a car’s build quality than by checking the way its doors clunk shut.

The windows also should receive a check-over, and that’s reassuring to know when electric windows and central door locking play such an important part in a car’s overall security.

If there are any damages to the windows it is necessary that you get them fixed urgently. Driving with a broken Windscreen or window is illegal and you could be charged with a more serious driving offense.

Total Windscreens are based in Sydney. They repair and replace windscreens on virtually every type of vehicle expertly and professionally. Their Windscreen Repair services include

  • Chip Repair
  • Crack Repair
  • Cost of Windscreen Repair
  • Mobile Windscreen Repair
  • Insurance Work

If you need any of these services, visit Total Windscreens for the best quality auto glass for replacements on your vehicle.

Vehicle Quality Inspection – Exhaust

Exhaust check as a standard

Naturally, vehicle quality inspection includes a comprehensive examination of the vehicle’s exhaust. Checking that the exhaust is properly mounted and in working order before checking for any holes or breaks in welds which can cause loud noises and potentially lead to more serious exhaust problems.

Crucially we also check the level of every car’s CO2 emissions and for any rattles from the catalytic converter.

The car and finance that suits you

Buying your dream car and arranging finance doesn’t have to be a hassle. It’s important to help customers with a less than perfect credit history to buy the quality used car they’re looking for at a monthly repayment they can afford.

Keeping the engine running smooth

Every used car engine is different which is why companies only use trained experts to carry out our vehicle checks.

If that isn’t enough, some also run every car through an independent MOT test so you can drive away on the day of your appointment, happy that your quality used car is fit to keep going long after you drive off our forecourt.

Car engine maintenance tips | KnockOutEngine

As the owner of your new vehicle, you must ensure that you continue to care for your car in order for it to keep running smoothly.

Electrics inspection

An electrical check covers a wide range of electrical parts and functions, from the vehicle’s battery and starter motor, right down to the key and alarm fobs. For driver and passenger safety and comfort the inspection also covers the central locking, alarm and air conditioning (where fitted).

Customer convenience

Every car also comes with an independent MOT certificate for added peace of mind.

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